New York State Pesticide Reporting Law

Free PRL Reporting Software

The Pesticide Reporting Service Bureau, in cooperation with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Bureau of Pest Management, makes several software packages available to help pesticide applicators and businesses complete and submit reports for the Pesticide Reporting Law.

Options A, B, and C all require Microsoft Windows® 2000 or later. You can download installation packages (.msi files) below. Please see the installation instructions for details about installing these software packages.

Package Description Install Documentation
Option A Option A only requires a computer running Microsoft Windows 2000 or later. We recommend this option for most users. Download
User Guide
Option B Option B is intended for users who have expertise with Microsoft Excel. This option requires a computer running Microsoft Windows 2000 or later (Windows 8 is not yet supported.) and Excel 2000 or later (Excel 2013 is not yet supported.); some features are not available for Excel versions earlier than Excel 2003. Windows 8 and Excel 2013 users who want to use an Excel-based option can use Option D. Download
User Guide
Enabling Macros
Option C Option C helps users verify that ASCII text files they (or a third-party program) have created meet the NYSDEC Text File Format Guidelines. Option C has no interface for entering PRL data; you will need another program to enter the data. Download
User Guide
Option D

Option D is a set of Microsoft Excel workbooks formatted for PRL data entry.The workbooks should work in any version of Microsoft Excel, including Excel for Macintosh computers. Each PRL form is a separate download. Download the form(s) you need to your computer, open them in Excel, enter your report data, then Save As a new file. Note: Keep the initial letter (P, A, M, or S) of the file name!

These workbooks provide little assistance to the user except for formatting the PRL spreadsheets. There is no built-in assistance for uploading a PRL report to the NYSDEC. This option is recommended only for users who have expertise with Excel but cannot use any of the other Options (e.g., users who cannot run Windows-based programs or Excel workbooks with VBA Macros).

Form 26
Form 26A
Form 25
Form 27
Submitting Your Report
If you use an “Excel-compatible” spreadsheet program, such as Apple’s Numbers or’s Calc, contact us. We may have a spreadsheet you can use.

Program Features